alfresco keramieken tafels 1
alfresco keramieken tafels 1
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Italy is known for its refined eating culture, where outdoor dining is part of 'Al Fresco' – enjoying tasty food with good company in a Mediterranean atmosphere.


As the exclusive supplier in the Benelux, we provide original Italian garden furniture produced by Grandi Maioliche Ficola in Deruta.
This medieval village, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, is renowned for its majolica pottery craftsmanship.




The ceramic tabletops are made with passion and attention to detail following a traditional process, in which centuries-old techniques are used.


The tabletops are cut from Italian volcanic stone, coated with an ceramic layer and then hand painted. After painting the tabletops go into the oven again, to harden the ceramic and fix the color to it.


This craftsmanship delivers the authentic, stylish and durable products that we are proud to offer.




Due to the fact that the tabletops are baked at very high temperatures they can withstand all weather conditions, even extreme frost.


The tops are colorfast and do not fade in the sun.


Wine, coffe and dirt cannot draw into the tabletops and all cleaning products can be used without risk, requiring low maintenance.
Unlike wood or plastic, our tabletops will last a lifetime.


A valuable investment that you can enjoy for years.