The process where volcanic stone is transformed into a high-quality tabletop requires craftsmanship and attention to detail.

In the traditional process, almost every step is performed manually.

Volcanic Stone


Our tabletops are made of volcanic stone extracted from ancient quarries in Lazio and Sicily. This volcanic stone is non-porous and therefore very strong. After the pieces have been carved out of the quarries, they are cut into the desired shape and size. The thickness of the tabletops is 2 to 3 cm, depending on the desired strength. Larger tabletops are usually thicker in order to provide sufficient strength.

When the shape has been cut, the tabletop is baked in an oven at 1000 degrees Celsius. Through this process, any impurities are removed from the stone and a smooth surface is achieved. Volcanic stone from Lazio gets a red undertone after baking, while Sicilian volcano stone remains grey. These colors are, however, not be seen in the on the table top, because it's covered by the painted ceramic layer.



A glaze (ceramic) layer is sprayed onto the stone in the desired base color (usually white or Ivory). The glaze is dried in the open air for a few minutes to hours, depending on the weather, before it is painted. During baking the layer gets the characteristic cracks still visible on the final product - also called 'craquelure'. 

Hand painting


The desired pattern is outlined on the tabletop using charcoal powder. The vague and invisible sketch after baking offers the painter a grip. The pattern is then painted accurately on the tabletop by hand - a precision work that requires a lot of craftsmanship and wherein all colors can be used. 

Baking process


After painting the decorated tabletops are again baked for 24 to 48 hours at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. This baking process ensures that the colors become clear and bright and the glaze layer becomes impermeable to moisture. Due to the high temperature backing they can withstand all weather conditions and are resistant to strong heat (hot pans).